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The novabow system ; 21st century technology for the foot 

Game changing foot exercise device proven to help strengthening  the foot using a patented toe press action. 

Why do we need stronger feet ? Many reasons. Modern footwear has been shown to make our feet much weaker than they should be, up to 50% weaker, and this weakness is thought to contribute to many of the problems that people encounter with their feet on a daily basis. The novabow offers an easy way of addressing the problem.


Foot strengthening with resistance bands of different strengths. Increasing intrinsic foot muscle strength can have many benefits including reduced risk of injury in runners and improved athletic performance.   


Benefits of foot strengthening include:


Improve dynamic balance. Our feet get weaker as we age and this can affect balance. Strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the feet improves balance  and so may aid golfers during the golf swing, particularly older golfers.

Foot strengthening has been shown to improve athletic performance including jump height and sprinting speed.
Strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot has been shown to reduce pain in conditions like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and knee pain. 
Reversing or slowing down muscles loss in our feet as we age may help reduce falls risk and help reduce the risk of injury during activities that increase the forces our feet are subjected to. 
Improved ankle stability . Also foot core strengthening has also been shown to reduce the risk of injury in recreational runners by over 50%.

The Novabow also includes a revolutionary method of improving foot flexibility. 
Foot stretching is a key exercise for plantar fasciitis and is recommended for reducing pain from this condition. 

giff patent pending stretching.gif

Making the foot stronger and more flexible can ;

Improve athletic performance 
Give better shock absorption during foot strike
Improve feel or proprioception in the foot
Reduce excessive foot pronation
Help reduce running injuries by up to 50%
Improve balance
Help reduce pain from plantar fasciitis
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TThe unique, compact, design of the Novabow System means that it can be used almost anywhere to give the foot a good workout and stretch. At home, in the gym, or at the office.    unique 
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 Testimonials from Novabow users

The images below show how the Novabow can be used to give a comfortable and satisfying stretch in the toes and the midfoot area of the foot. Known as the plantar fascia stretch, this action is great for easing pain in the heel and the ball of the foot and keeping the foot mobile. (5).gif

The Novabow is adjustable for size and for left and right feet (2).gif
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